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Uscustomsnowglobes | DBA JJSnowglobes LLC

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On December of 2015, the Founder of Custom Gift Maker was walking past some Holiday decorations. He paused, as he looked over at a traditional snow globe that was sitting on the ledge and in a moment a twinkle came to his eye.  The co-founder was looking over at him, while in the same room, and said "I believe I am witnessing the development of an idea, what are you thinking?".  And the rest is history.

With a background of already being a premier provider of custom bobble head dolls for 12 years, it was an obvious venture to see if making custom snow globes, that looked like a photo, was possible.  Secondly, can only 1 be made at a reasonable cost?  After some time, with trial and error, we made it happen!!  In June 2016 - CustomGiftMaker was born and our ability to create a custom made snow globe along with our other items, such as bobble heads, wine cork toppers, wedding party favors, mugs and many other gifts, became a reality.  

The first samples were designed and some obvious modification were found to be necessary.  Back to production we went and another light bulb went off "I wonder if we could create a custom BOBBLE snow globe?"  While wondering if this would even be possible in a water environment?  Would the head really move?  Yes, we can honestly say, it does bobble around, adding fun when someone picks up the custom snow globe to shake it!    

 We are the original provider of these style snow globes and plan on taking our product line to a level never achieved before. Our product line of unique designed and hand sculpted items continues to expand, as we also find ways to reduce our cost to customers! Keep an eye out for our new products we have in the works. 

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