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Bulk Orders

Custom snow globes bulk orders

Q:  Do you have a minimum orders for custom snow globes?

NO. We have no minimum orders at customgiftmaker.com.  From 1 to a ga-zillions (fake word but fun to read out loud), we can meet your needs.  Our bulk rate pricing is available to you via email based on your quantity you would like as well as the design concept.  Simply provide to us the requirements and detail (artwork is appreciated).  We will provide to you an actual and honest quote.  Ask us for a quote 

Q: What can I design?

The honest answer is anything you want.  We can make people, pets, places, buildings, sponsorship pieces and more.  In fact, we enjoy making all types of custom snow globes, give us a try.

Q: What can I design?

When creating a custom snow globe you have to envision the possibilities.  We can create inside the globe a special scene and use a basic type base.  Another type would be the same inside but we can add some special detail to the exterior base.  the most custom made tpye item allows complete creation of inside and the exterior base.  Our bulk pricing is designed to provide each of these type styles.

Q: How long does it take to make bulk custom snow globes orders?
Depending on the design and total quantity will dictate the time line expected to receive your custom snow globes.  As a rule, we request a normal time line between 4 and 18 weeks but can also offer for a nominal fee a rush service to meet your potential needs.

 Custom snow Globe production table:

  • From placing your custom snow globe order, we will begin sculpting your design for your approval.  The first proofs normally come within 10-14 days from the day we receive your order and all the appropriate art work.  Once the proof is completed and ready to show you, we will email it and provide photos in each angle.  If you think the snow globe design meets your specifications, you can make your approval.  We will then bake your snow globe sculpting and soon apply color.  Once the color is applied to the piece, we will provide color photos in various angles again for your approval.  Once approved, we will perform the final bake to lock the colors into place and begin your full production.  If during the proofing phase changes are required, simply let us know in writing the modifications you would like to see and we will make them.  * Changes can only be made in the stage being requested.  If we provide clay proofs and you make your approval, we can not longer modify the mold.  
    • After approval of your custom snow globe, production will take approx 30 - 45 days.  this is dependent on quantity.
  • Once we have completed all the copies, we will provide production proofs and we will pack your each item in a plain white box.  We can create custom retail type boxes for you if required for your particular job.  Snow Globes vary in size, sometime we can fit 24 in a carton, while other designs we can fit 30 in a carton.  However the items are needed to be packed, once completed we will arrange a white glove delivery service to your destination.  Choose from either ocean freight or air freight based on your time line. 
    • Ocean freight will take 22-35 days (dependent on which destination port).  All custom snow globes depart their journey from our over seas factory in China.  We prefer ocean freight as it is less costing over air freight.
    • Air Shipment is available (for Rush delivery).  Air freight usually takes 3-5 days to most of the world.
  • Most custom snow globe jobs are made and delivered in 77-100 days.

Q: What size will I receive for my bobble head project?
Our bulk pricing covers custom snow globes in different sizes as requested.  Globes are on avg 100 mm in size but we can do smaller or larger ones.  From 45 mm to 120 mm (Standard snow globes size is 100 mm) 

  • Our custom snow globes are custom crafted to your specifications.  We specialize as well, in using Pantone colors to meet your specific requirements. 

Q: What materials are the custom snow globes made of?
Our custom snow globes are made of poly resin clay.  We use glass globes in most cases but have also used plastic if the job requires.

Q: Can I add Logos to my design?

This is a yes and no answer.  We can add any logo to the exterior of the base because it is not submerged in water.  When adding some logos within the globe, we have to hand paint them because a silk screen decals type will simply fall off.  Keeping in mind hand paint will always have variations from piece to piece.

If the logo is not full of too much detail, we can sculpt them as well (this can apply to the exterior and interior).  Sculpting is the preferred method on bulk orders but with the limitations, further discussion will be necessary as we put together the quote for you.  


ALL OF OUR PAINT IS OIL FREE AND SAFE!!  It complies with all USA regulations.


Q: What are the payment terms?


  • We request a deposit payment of 50% to begin the prototype for your bobblehead of orders for 1000 or more pieces.  Orders less than 1000 require 100% payment to begin. 
  • Upon completion of 1000 or more custom snow globes, we require the balance for production
  • On final receipt of the shipping invoice - we require the payment before final delivery - we can process it to the payment method used on file. 

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