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We are pleased to provide our clients samples of our unique custom snow globes.  Below, please find some sample of our truly detailed work.  These photos are 100%  JJ Snow Globes, LLC property and workmanship.  Let us make you into a custom snow globe and send us the photo of you holding your globe, we will post it on our website to help you "show it off".


I received my custom snow globe as a gift and I have never seen anything like this.  It came out wonderfully.  Thank you.

My son gave me the best gift, a custom snow globe.  It is superb in every way.    It looks so much like me, thank you customgiftmaker .com

OMG!!  I just received my custom snow globe and it has me with my horse in it.  I am so excited, this is the best gift ever!
Thank you customgiftmaker,  Meg B.

Karate custom snow globe, looks so cool - thank you for making this for me customgiftmaker.com

Yoga Master John, holding his very own yoga custom bobble snow globe. |customgiftmaker.com

A motorcycle rider custom bobble snow globe | customgiftmaker.com

A perfect wedding moment captured in a custom snow globe! | customgiftmaker.com

Thank you so much for creating my custom snow globe~  it is so cool and all my friends
now want one... Thank you |customgiftmaker.com

A custom snow globe drummer, banging on his drums! | customgiftmaker.com

Proudly showing his hunting duck custom bobble snow globe that was received as a gift | customgiftmaker.com

Crossing first across the finish line this runner shows he is #1 in this custom bobble snow globe. | customgiftmaker.com

A big smile and a thumbs up for the professional woman custom bobble snow globe. | customgiftmaker.com

A custom king snow globe.  Superb details.  Made to look like the photo provided to us. | customgiftmaker.com

Mistress Yoga Sue is showing wonder as she receives her custom bobble snow globe yoga woman. |customgiftmaker.com

A custom painter snow globe, made to look like the photo provided to us. | customgiftmaker.com

Runner custom bobble snow globe made to look like you! | customgiftmaker.com

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