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Information on our current deals with our partner:

Thank you for your express interest in our current Groupon deals with our website www.customgiftmaker.com. Please find the information below to better understand the Groupon deals that we currently offer.


We offer several different options so you can choose what best suits your needs. Our Groupon deals allow you to purchase gift certificate values for use with our website at discounted pricing.  The Groupon gift certificates can save 50% or more on our current selections. Our products include many different pre-made styles, but we know you may want something else that is not on our site. This is perfect for our full head to toe custom snow globe.  Make it as you wish! Our Groupon deals do cover the cost of your custom snow globe(not including shipping), however we also wanted to offer you options to further customize your snow globe. 

These option include:

- Adding additional accessories to the inside base.
- Adding a pet to the inside base.
- Adding a hat or glasses. 
- Adding additional glitter
- Adding a hand painted logo
- Changing your snow globe base colors
- Adding laser or water decal texting
- Upgrade your size snow globe


All of our Groupon deals work the same way on our website, except with different products. The primary difference is that the amount purchased for the Groupon deal provides a different value that can be applied on our website as a Groupon gift certificate amount prior to purchase.  You are only allowed 1 Groupon deal per order form.  If you purchased 2 or more Groupon deals, you will need to complete the order form 2 times and have separate order numbers.  Shipping is never included per snow globe.  Our shipping price is fixed at 35.00 for our globes.  Larger globes or couples are slightly higher for shipping, approx $10.00.) This amount is not covered by the Groupon deal.

Single pre-made deal:

Pre-made single body design for the cost of $80.00 (gift certificate value of $159.99). This deal provides nearly a 50% savings off our current website pricing. 

Other available deals:

· Full single custom head to toe snow globe for the cost of $125.00 (gift certificate value of $249.99).  

· Pre-made couple body design for the cost of $150.00  (gift certificate value of $299.99).  

· Custom couple full head to toe for the cost of $185.00 (gift certificate value of $370.99).  

· Full custom head to toe pets for the cost of $120.00 (gift certificate value of $240.99).  

· Full custom non-living items: buildings,stadiums,bridges and more for the cost $125.00 (gift certificate value of $249.99). 

NO EXPIRATION DATE: These gift certificates can be used on our site anytime and will never expire. Please note that under Groupon terms and conditions, coupon codes can expire but you never will lose the amount you pre-paid. At customgiftmaker.com, we never allow our codes to expire so feel free to use them as needed.

PRODUCTION TIME: We offer the 6-8 week production time on the groupon deal but we know that you may need a faster production time, so we have offered other time lines. Please see the information below.

SHIPPING FEE (NOT INCLUDED IN OUR GROUPON DEALS): We ship all of our custom snow globes direct from our overseas factory using FEDEX International shipping with a required signature. We ship worldwide but unfortunately, we cannot ship to any APO or PO boxes.  All currencies are paid in USD.

Here is how the shipping and production times work:

· On the order form, you will have the choice to choose a time line of when the snow globe is needed. After the item is in the cart and you go to checkout, we will add a shipping fee to your order. Below please find the total added expense to all of our Groupon deals:

o 6-8 weeks production fee: none + 35.00 shipping. This will add 35.00 to your current Groupon deal  (Couple dolls are 10.00 additional)

o 4-6 weeks production fee: 15.00+ 35.00 shipping.  This will add 50.00 to your current Groupon deal (Couple dolls are 10.00 additional)

o 3-4 weeks production fee: 20.00 + 35.00 shipping. This will add 55.00 to your current Groupon deal (Couple dolls are 10.00 additional)

o 2-3 weeks production fee: 35.00 + 35.00 shipping. This will add 70.00 to your current Groupon deal (Couple dolls are 35.00 additional)

o 1-2 weeks** production fee: 80.00 + 35.00 shipping. This will add 115.00 to your current Groupon deal (Couple dolls are 50.00 additional)

**Proofing – on production timelines of 1-2 weeks, we do not offer proofing as we do not have enough time. Therefore, no proofing is available on orders less than 1-2 weeks. We provide an internal proofing from our team of professionals to try to ensure you will be satisfied with our work when you receive your item. We recommend time lines with proofing.

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