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Proof Process

What are snow globe proofs?  

We provide proofs on all of our orders.  The only exception to this rule is when our fastest production and shipping timeline is chosen (1-2 week option).  During the production of your custom snow globe, we will provide to you in email the sculpted clay proofs, the painted proofs and completed proofs of the work we are creating.


Types of proofs provided:

  • HEAD PROOF: Features, eyes, nose, ears, chin, forehead shape, hair, accessories if ordered for the head such as glasses, hats, earrings, etc and facial hair (if applicable - beard, mustache, goatee) and the facial contour.
  • BODY (If applicable - full custom snow globe only) - On full custom head to toe design snow globes, we will provide the sculpted body proof.  This proof shows you the pose, clothing types and any accessories.  
  • BASE PROOFS – on full custom snow globes we offer the option to “deck” out the base – it can be sculpted to replicate many items such as cars, desks, cakes, landscape terrain and more.  If you ordered this type design, we will provide clay proofs as well.
  • COLOR PROOFS:  Once all the clay is approved, we can no longer make clay changes.  It is time for the color proofs.  We will send  color proofs outside of the snow globe glass to show the best details without the glass reflecting from our camera flash.  Once approved, our final step to complete your order, is to provide the completed proofs to you.  No changes can be made except color modifications.
  • COMPLETED PROOF - At this stage, all proofs have been approved.  Now we show you the final photo inside the globe.  At this stage, everything needs to be as ordered.  This includes, text, logos, added confetti if selected and all other details.  We cannot make any structure changes to the approved mold.  This stage is considered the completed stage.  It is very important to make sure all the details on the outside base and confetti/snow inside the base is present.   Once approved, we will prep for final shipment and mail to you in a fast manor.  If we receive an approval and after a change is requested, we will not be able to make the modification.  


The emails we use to provide proofs are listed below.  It is important to check SPAM in case something we send you for approval is seen ASAP. 


[email protected]

[email protected]



Helpful hints and tips:


Size - The proof you receive will appear to be large and able to zoom in making the item look very large.  Keep in mind that the sculpting is less than 2.75 inches total.  That includes the head and body.  This is required to fit inside the globe which is about 4.73 inches total with the base on the 100mm standard model.  


Full Custom:  If an item is not located on our site, we apologize.  We add new items all the time, so check back often.  The full head to toe custom globe can be made any way you would like.  We can provide a lot of detail even though the item is small.  This includes custom bases to make them almost any way you want for a nominal fee.  Not all of our options are listed on the order form, so if you have a special request, please let us know so we can properly price this for you.


Premade designs:  These items are as shown, except the color can be modified, if selected on the order form.  The heads will always match the photo you send to us.


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