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Shipping and Damage Claims


If your custom snow globe was received with damage to it, please follow our directions listed here:

 We try to avoid damages by using extreme care with our packing, sometimes however, damage can occur.  All claims for any damage to our products, must be filed by the recipient in writing with JJ Snow Globes, LLC, within (3) three days of receipt. Including, sending digital photographs of the damaged product, box and packing material to us at [email protected]
Due to the nature of our business and the storage of existing molds, we will not be liable for any damages, which have not been reported within the 3 business days (including photos). 
Once we receive the written notification, we will notify you of our acceptance and provide the next steps based on the following information:

  • Complete Damage to product - we will recast you a copy from the existing mold used.  We will provide photo proof of the completed doll and resend it to you in the mail.
  • Slight damage to product - we will determine if the damage is easily repaired (recommend crazy glue) prior to replacement.  If the damage is small, we may ask you to send it to our facility for repair at our sole discretion.  
Under no circumstance will a refund be offered for any situation in regards to your custom made snow globe.  As per our checkout policy, which was agreed to, we offer no such refunds.

All of our merchandise is carefully packaged for shipment in an approved box along with a various form of packing material.  JJ Snow Globes, LLC may ask for the return of the original damaged globe you received, to be sent back to us.   If this is requested, it is our clients responsibility to send it in the same packaging via USPS priority mail with tracking information.  Once we have received the custom snow globe, a replacement will be sent to you.
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