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Product ID:5219-2
Snowglobe Price:$5,080.00
Custom made to order
Quick Overview:

Job Scope 

Create 250 - Custom Snow globes

  1. Snow globes: 100mm size
  2. Quantity:       250
  3. Base:              Circular
  4. Description:  Front building of the Samsung Austin Semiconductor building. No fountain or circular driveway needed.
  5. Filling inside globe: Snow

       6.   Text on front base: Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Cost: $20.32/ globe.  

Job Costs Production: 5080.00

Shipping - not included, paid prior to final delivery; billed at current rate/type

This does include the mold fee, photo proofing at each step for you to revise or approve, Each piece packaged in a Styrofoam filled white box.

       *** Please note that this does not include shipping cost****   

Shipping is not included in this price.  Please select free shipping during checkout - this is used to go around the website but again shipping is not included in this price.  As indicated via email - The invoice for shipping will be calculated based on if we can meet the deadline for Ocean freight or if Air freight is required.   

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