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custom job Abdullah200

Product ID:5220
Snowglobe Price:$14,000.00
Custom made to order
Quick Overview:

Job Scope

1 custom couple designed full custom body, clothing and standard pose

copes 199

Price per set 68.00 
Shipping is based on costs from either Air or Ocean Freight.  Ocean freight requires 30 days minimum for shipping once ready to ship.

Mold fee: 400.00 (2 unique dolls, 1 base)
Production 68.00 * 200 units = 13600.00

Total production: 14000.00
Shipping - actual costs - client can arrange pickup from our factory as well if desired.

On this link, select FREE SHIPPING.  Shipping is NOT free and will be added to the price once ready to ship.  This invoice is production, labor and material only.

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