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Custom Snow Globe Order Page
Custom Snow Globe | Full Design Pet
Custom Snow Globe | Full Design Pet | Custom Gifts

Custom Snow Globe | Full Design Pet

Product ID:Fullcustom-Pet
Snowglobe Price:$549.99
Custom made to order
Quick Overview:

A custom snow globe is a perfect gift idea. This snow globe features a This is our full head to toe custom pet snow globe link. What makes this link so different is that you are able to create your very own full custom pet snow globe.

Make Your Custom Globe Larger
Standard 100 mm size
Upgrade 120 mm size [+$75.00]
Select Your Globe Head Type
Fixed head
Bobble Motion Head [+$8.00]
Snow Globe Eye Color
20 chars left
Colors of pet
Pose for pet
Globe Base Text
No thank you
Decal Text 10 or less letters [+$5.00]
Decal Text 20 or less letters [+$10.00]
Decal Text 30 or less letters [+$15.00]
If Selected Above Type Text
30 chars left
Snow Globe Options
add a bone to the piece [+$5.00]
add a dog house [+$15.00]
add a fire hydrant [+$7.00]
add 1 small item to base [+$12.00]
add 2 small items to base [+$20.00]
add 3 small items to base [+$28.00]
logo to base [+$6.00]
Snow Globe Photos
I will send my photos later (details will follow) [+$5.00]
Snow Globe Photo Upload
Production Time Lines (when do you need the globe)
Approx. 9-12 weeks (Production and delivery time)
Approx. 6-8 weeks (Production and delivery time) [+$10.00]
Custom Snow Globe Special Notes
Your Price $549.99
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